Sat 31 May 2003


7:23AM UTC

In case you hadn't noticed, the OpenMath package (version 0.1) has been released. This is the version that StatPaper 0.1 will be targetting (barring any major bugs) and it fixes a couple of things in the kernel implementation. In particular, the default kernel implementation no longer requires print(...) commands to generate text output. Using the internal eval_with_vis() command (Sweave employs the same mechanism so I don't feel bad about using it without an "official" API) lets me test the visiblity statement returning What You Expect. Personally, I was thrilled because I hated typing those stupid print commands.

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Progress Report...

7:18AM UTC

I know, its been some time since I've released anything. There are a couple of reasons for this (one is that I've been spending a bunch of time writing C# NLP tools for a different project... The .Net framework, it turns out, is quite interesting. But then, I was a Turbo Pascal groupie back in the day so what do you expect for me?), but the primary reason is that I want to push through to 0.1a1 rather than "Tech Test" releases.

What does this entail? Making saving and loading more robust (yes, the development version now loads. No, I haven't checked it in :-)). Putting in some basic preferences panes (this is more tedious than anything else). Implementing multi-page views for plots (I've been waffling on how exactly the user experience should work, which has slowed implementation). Drag-n-drop may wait for a later time (I'm still not sure I want to let users rearrange blocks, I think it may be more confusing than anything else.)

If you've got any suggestions, please feel free to drop a line to ellis[at] So far feedback has been positive, an encouraging development :-)

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Wed 14 May 2003

The Pain...

6:29PM UTC

Right, so the pain was too much to bear and it appears StatPaper will be relying on libXML. The CoreFoundation XML parser and manipulation API is (if this is possible) even more primitive than subjecting yourself to the DOM and grovelling through it has become too painful for me. Fortunately, the good folks at Zveno package libXML/XSLT as Frameworks such that binaries can just carry them along internally.

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Mon 12 May 2003

Technology Test 3 Screenshots

1:45AM UTC

Our first shot shows off the multiplot capabilities (heavily revised since Tech Test 2) as well as the swanky new selection rectangle (note the rounded edges ;-) )

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Site Changes

1:32AM UTC

Making some changes to the site to (hopefully) make things easier to navigate. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I've been busy with other things. Please bear with me as I move things about (there may be some trouble with screen shots in particular as I'm attempting to integrate them as a blog category. However, I may be unable to backdate things appropriately)

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Fri 09 May 2003


7:32PM UTC

Things have been quiet here due to the qualifying exam, but now that I'm done with that I have some more time for StatPaper. Up and coming is Auto-Evaluating Blocks (somewhere between a document and command line mode) and better error reportings. I'm also messing with the OpenMath kernel to provide at least rudimentary support for the notion of different documents.

There is also a new mailing list "statpaper-users" for folks who've downloaded StatPaper.

I also encourage people to drop Feature Requests and Bug Reports into SourceForge... It may be early in development, but its never too early to kill bugs :-)

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Tue 29 Apr 2003

Tech Test 3 Release

8:29PM UTC

Our third technology test has been released and available on the download page! While you wait, here are some of the changes:


- Extensive changes to the layout internals

- New paginated look (will be optional)

- Smarter caret tracking for large blocks

- The ability to delete blocks


- Saving implemented as a package (XML+PDF)

- Detection and support for fink and darwin builds

- OpenMath package now part of the app

- Automatic handling of the kernel process


- Loading (working on it)

- Plot output layout controls

- Drag and Drop

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Wed 23 Apr 2003

StatPaper Progress

4:10PM UTC

I've made some progress in getting StatPaper ready to commit--the GPL headers are being added and dead code is being removed to make the project more understandable (at one point the entire custom view and associated WindowController AND Document class was rewritten to support the notion of cells being independent of location in the document. This lets, for instance, output cells live apart from the cell that generates the output.) As an added bonus we get pagination (conforming to the current Page Setup) layout.

I've also made the "selection" a little bit nicer (the right color and a swanky rounded rect) and simplified the editing code (the "easy" way appears to be the right way :-)).

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Sat 19 Apr 2003

OpenMath package in CVS

5:25PM UTC

The OpenMath package has been transferred into CVS. The package itself is fairly stable and a release tag has not been set primarily due to incomplete documentation.

The code presently includes the OpenMath graphics device implementation (the protocol is documented in the OMdev help page) a very simple kernel implementation as well as tranfer primitives.

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Thu 17 Apr 2003

Migration to SourceForge

8:07PM UTC

I'm happy to announce that StatPaper has become a SourceForge-based project. The code will be entering SourceForge's CVS servers soon under the GNU Public License. This will be soon after some code changes on my part (wouldn't want to check in broken code), including the addition of the licensing information to the source (as well as the compiled application).

I hope people have been encouraged by the first and second technology tests and look forward to a true Alpha release of 0.1 in the not-too-distant future.

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